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CEO - Dror Chevion, gives Keynote speech and awarded Health 2.0 Outstanding Leadership Award (Dubai)

CEO Dror Chevion gave a KEYNOTE speech at the Health 2.0 Conference which attempts to reimagine the realm of healthcare by uniting some of the most distinguished experts from a wide range of specialties. The conference spotlights the latest developments in the domains of healthcare and wellness on its vibrant platform, while promoting networking, and the exchange of ideas between forward-thinking individuals and companies.

The Keynote speech - "Diabetes Type 2 - The Global Challenge To The Health And Well-Being Of Individuals, Families And Societies, Now Affecting 500 Million People" was given on the second day of the conference - March 24th at the Intercontinental Hotel, Dubai Festival City, UAE.

The Outstanding Leadership Award was given to a few luminaries who have made impactful contributions and have been leading change in the healthcare sector and in order to spotlight the fantastic work that industry-leading professionals have been doing and inspire individuals to follow in their footsteps.

Outstanding Leadership Award Seal - Dror Chevion

CEO Dror Chevion at Health 2.0 Conference

CEO Dror Chevion Keynote Speech

CEO Dror Chevion Receiving Award


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