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Event Biovision April 2016

We attended and spoke at - Biovision World Life Science Forum (Lyon, France)

13-14 April 2016. Biovision World Life Science Forum fostering a unique approach to meet,connect and collaborate between international decision-makers from the academic, civil society, policy-making and private sectors whether industrials or investors.

Brochure Event
Event Biovision April 2016

Biovision 2016 pattern is dedicated to strengthen Action

& Interaction for Innovation with:

  • Prospective part with a main theme on "Global health and Prevention" and specific paths (Medecine & Humanities, Vaccines, Cancer Prevention and Digitalized Patients) with workshops , plenary sessions and calls for action.

  • Catalyzer & Investors parts with reinforced and segmented sourcing; allowing more specific expertise for the evaluation and the follow up of the projects including financing.


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Concenter BioPharma is a subsidiary of Silkim Pharma Ltd., which developed a novel, protected PLATFORM of drugs for proven treatments of multiple indications. 


Our PLATFORM is the result of extensive investigation of animal models of human diseases.

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