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Second Generation Drugs "Zycords" – Patent GRANTED!

Concenter Biopharma Ltd. (and parent company Silkim Pharma Ltd.), are proud to announce another acceptance of the Patent covering the Second Generation of the anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic drug candidate – the “Zycords”.

Previously developed - Zygosids, are a family of drug candidates, with IP protected in numerous jurisdictions around the world. The first in man clinical trial assessing the therapeutic effect of Zygosid-50 against Type 2 Diabetes is now in process at the Sheba Medical Center.

Now, the Second Generation of the drug candidates - "ZYCORDS" - with analogous mechanisms of action, is starting the safety and efficacy trials.

The priority patent of this family is 12/2014 and it is being examined in jurisdictions worldwide. Now, the Indian Patent Office has recognized the Zycords as a family of new chemical entities (NCEs) and the appropriate patent was GRANTED (12/2020). The Claims of this acceptance protect the composition of matter of the Zycords — this new family of drugs, and protect their use in medicine and pharmacy, in a broad variety of modes of their administration to a patient in need.

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Concenter BioPharma is a subsidiary of Silkim Pharma Ltd., which developed a novel, protected PLATFORM of drugs for proven treatments of multiple indications. 


Our PLATFORM is the result of extensive investigation of animal models of human diseases.

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